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Gyn Aesthetics is a relatively new field of plastic surgery that recently has skyrocketed in popularity. With this new branch of cosmetic procedures women finally have the power to take control of there sexual life and extend it far longer than what was possible in the past. All of the our patients that have elected to get this procedure done are really happy with the results and that the level of confidence they have in there own bodies has increased exponentially. There are many different gyn cosmetics procedures available and many subcategories within each category but to make it easier to understand we simplified them into 3 main categories. Whether it be small imperfections such as trying to achieve a symmetric look, or if you want to tighten the vaginal opening to increase sexual pleasure after a tough pregnancy, we will work together to help you achieve the look that is perfect for you.
Labiaplasty is a procedure to help improve the aesthetic appearance of the external genitalia. This area is typically comprised of the clitoral hood, labia majora, and labia minora. Most women are trying to either reduce elongated or hypertrophied labia that get stuck in their underwear or during sex, or achieve a symmetric look, when one is longer than the other.

We perform this procedure in the office with the use of local anesthesia, and the recovery time is usually 2-3 days off your feet, and then 4-6 weeks before any rigorous exercise or sexual activity.

We ask patients to demonstrate the specifics of what they desire to be improved. We then create a customized surgical plan to help them achieve the look and feel of what they hope to achieve with labiaplasty surgery. Most women want their labia minora to be flush with their labia majora and symmetric.

Vaginal Rejuvenation or vaginoplasty is usually done when a woman wishes to have more feeling during sexual intercourse, as women get older, especially after pregnancy, the vaginal opening is stretched out. The goal of the vaginal rejuvenation in this case would be to reduce the size of the vaginal opening, repair supportive tissue in the vagina that could be impairing sexual pleasure, and remove excess vaginal skin. Reducing the size of the vaginal opening increases the friction experienced by sexual partners, hence improving pleasure. This procedure requires general anesthesia and is performed in a nearby hospital

The surgical time depends on the extent of the procedure and the degree of defect being corrected. In general, the procedure lasts about one hour. After the procedure we would recommend staying off your feet for a few days and refrain from sex for about 2-3 months.

Vaginal rejuvenation is a safe procedure with low risk when performed by a qualified physician. Like any surgery, the risks are bleeding and infection; these cases are less than 1%. Although rare, there are anesthetic risks as well.


La Dra. Maisonet atendió mi embarazo con profesionalismo, respeto y cariño. Hizo de esta experiencia una espectacular. Me ayudo e hizo todo lo posible porque todo el embarazo fuera uno llevadero sin complicaciones. Si en algún momento decidiera tener otro hijo nuevamente sería ella a quien escogería como mi doctora.
Excelentes profesionales en especial a la doctora olga pereira tremendo ser humano, Dios la bendiga!!!!
Excelente equipo, especialmente las Doctoras Zweig y Pereira. Gracias!!!
La Dra. Maisonet atendió mi parto y era la Dra q quería para el proceso me ayudo a dar a luz natural y gracias a Dios todo bn. No coji clase de parto, ella me dijo como tenía que hacerlo y todo salió bien. Gracias Dra y as demás me atendieron muy bien. Excelente grupo!
Sue Ellen

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