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to their sex life. Whether it be that they are experiencing painful sex or that they are having difficulties getting aroused by their partners, we are here to help. A lot of women face problem in the bed rooms and it is nothing to be ashamed about, we will help you face these problems and come up with a solution together. Problem in the bed room can often be a difficult problem to talk about with your friends or partner that’s why we emphasize establishing a close bond with our patients and let them know they can trust us to fix whatever problems they might have.

To learn more about the different problem women have in the bed room you can go over to our blog or make an appointment to come see us.

When a women becomes sexually active it is very important to learn how to have sex in safely. What we means by this, is the use of anti contraceptives, such as condoms and birth control, and preventing the spread of STD’s. When you come in for a visit we will go over the different contraceptives that are available to you and find the one that is best for you.

Some examples of contraceptives include.

      • Condoms
      • Birth Control
      • IUD (Intrauterine Devices
        • Hormonal IUD. This IUD prevents fertilization by damaging or killing sperm and making the mucus in the cervix thick and sticky, so sperm can’t get through to the uterus.
        • Copper IUD. Copper is toxic to sperm. It makes the uterus and fallopian tubes produce fluid that kills sperm. This fluid contains white blood cells, copper ions, enzymes, and prostaglandins.
      • Vaginal ring (Nuva Ring)
      • Sterilization

In the case of the IUD and Nuva Ring these would be inserted by a physician in our office.

There are many alternatives of birth control and we will go over which one best suits your needs and life style to find the one that is perfect for you. Sex is a great and completely natural part of our lives it’s just very important that we practice safe sex and we become informed.


Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is the name for a group of viruses that cause cervical cancer, genital warts and several other diseases. There are more than 120 different types of HPV. Many of them are spread through sexual contact and affect the genital areas of men and women. Some types of HPV that spread through sexual contact can cause cancers in male or female genitals, the anus, or the throat area.

Gardasil is the first vaccine ever sold in the U.S. to prevent cancer: cervical cancer. The FDA approved it in June 2006 for use among girls and women and now men, between the ages of 9 and 26. It helps protect them from 4 of the more than 120 types of HPV. We recommend all women to get vaccinated with Gardasil, Health officials recommend that girls get vaccinated at age 12 before they are sexually active.


We provide testing for Chlamydia, gonorrhea, urinary tract infections and HPV. If you are sexually active and 25 or older we recommend getting tested for STDs every year and more often depending on the amount of sexual partners you have. You should also be tested every time you change sexual partners.

A majority of people who have STD’s do not know they have it. A lot of STDs can be cured with modern medicine, or treated to minimize the symptoms. It is also out of respect to your current and future sexual partners to be informed and prevent spreading the disease.

The first step when you come into the office is a general examination and then we will perform a Pap test. The Pap test is a painless screening test to look for abnormal cells on the uterine cervix (the opening of the uterus). Depending on the results of the testing we will tell you what we have to do to start treating any STD you may have right away.

If your results are positive there is no reason to be freaked out. You should be proud of yourself for taking control of your sexual health and becoming informed. There are many treatments available and for some STDs it is completely curable. For more information on living with STDs and general information visit:


La Dra. Maisonet atendió mi embarazo con profesionalismo, respeto y cariño. Hizo de esta experiencia una espectacular. Me ayudo e hizo todo lo posible porque todo el embarazo fuera uno llevadero sin complicaciones. Si en algún momento decidiera tener otro hijo nuevamente sería ella a quien escogería como mi doctora.
Excelentes profesionales en especial a la doctora olga pereira tremendo ser humano, Dios la bendiga!!!!
Excelente equipo, especialmente las Doctoras Zweig y Pereira. Gracias!!!
La Dra. Maisonet atendió mi parto y era la Dra q quería para el proceso me ayudo a dar a luz natural y gracias a Dios todo bn. No coji clase de parto, ella me dijo como tenía que hacerlo y todo salió bien. Gracias Dra y as demás me atendieron muy bien. Excelente grupo!
Sue Ellen

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