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5 Libros que cada persona debería leer durante su embarazo!

Su Embarazo Semana a Semana: Tercera Edicion
La guía medica del embarazo más completa, […]

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Female Sterilization: Find out whether this is right for you

Sterilization in Women
Dr. Maria Zweig MD
It’s Permanant!

Sterilization is a permanent method of avoiding […]

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How hormones can affect your daily life

Hormonal Imbalances
Dr. Maria Zweig MD

Hormonal disorders are common, actually they are more common […]

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Infertility: Artificial Insemination

Artificial  Insemination
Dra. Maria Zweig MD


Artificial insemination is a procedure where the man’s ejaculate […]

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Irregular Menstruation Cycles: Few Periods

Except for the first two years of the menstrual cycle and the last […]

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Infertility work up
Dra Maria Zweig MD
What happens when your trying to get pregnant […]

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How to plan for a great pregnancy

Planning for a great pregnancy

Dr Maria Zweig, MD


The key to a healthy outcome […]

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Medications that are safe to take when pregnant

Instituto Ginecológico

787 759-6901 / 721-1541 emergencias 787 246-0070

Safe Medications to Take During Pregnancy*/ […]

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